We imagine ourselves as explorers of the unknown.
A creative force ripping through space, writing some
of the most awesome tales of our generation.

Starship Studios is a creative agency specializing in thinking big thoughts, putting them on small pieces of paper, and performing enough testing and refinement to qualify us as clinically obsessive, compulsive.

We strive to provide multidimensional and multichannel marketing support, traditionally the purview of much larger agencies. Specialists in working with entrepreneurs and projects that challenge the creative boundaries, we pride ourselves on our deep technical roots, process orientation in creative madness and ability to deliver results through business analytics.

Our commitment to boutique agency-client relationship, empowers us to be lean, responsive and adaptive.

Brand identity


Auneel Nath

Family. Fluffy. The Hills. Winter. Tea (Morning). Coffee (Rest of the day). Horror. Stanley Kubrick. Gus Van Sant. The Godfather. Acoustic Guitar. Electric Guitar. Stand-up Comedy. Slayer. Woodkid. Portishead. Design Books & Magazines. Furniture. Wicker and Oak. Helvetica. Black & White & Orange. Portraits. iMac. Flannel. Squares & Circles. Vignelli. David Airey. Brain Pickings. H.R.Giger. Chetzar. Pearl Jam. Vimeo. David A. Smith (The Signmaker). Paper & Pencil. Kebabs & Biryani. Thai Curries. Philip Seymore Hoffman. Robin Williams. The Goodwill Hunting. White Shirts. Cheese (Not Blue). Alice in Chains. RATM. Rob Dougan. Herbs. Motorhead Phones. La Chouffe. Van gogh. Concert Posters. Bodoni. DinPro. Bauhaus. High Ceilings. Wood Floors. Embossing. Jama Food. Dogs. Lamb of God. Cinnamon. Fresh Crusty Bread. Ketchup. Mustard. Live Music. Vanilla Milkshake. Vectors. Dutch Exhibition Leaflets. Spice. Led Zeppelin. Volcano Choir, Bon Iver, Frames (The Band). Hieronymus Bosch. Dada. Tomato & Basil Sauce.

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